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Domestic Violence

Child Abduction and Abuse

  • San Diego District Attorney OfficeCall the County Social Services Department’s Child Protective Services Child Abuse Hotline at (858) 560-2191 or (800) 344-6000 FREE to report situations in which you suspect that a child has been abused or appears to be at risk of being abused.

Collaborative Divorce Resources

Child Support

Military or Government Personnel

Court Resources

Income Taxes

Social Security

Qualified Domestic Relations Orders

  • Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO)A domestic relations order that creates or recognizes the existence of an alternate payee’s right to receive, or assigns to an alternate payee the right to receive, all or a portion of the benefits payable with respect to a participant under a retirement plan, and that includes certain information and meets certain other requirements.

Health Insurance Benefits

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