Referee/Special Master

A referee or a special master is someone who is appointed by a judge to oversee one or more aspects of a litigated case. The referee or special master can also be selected by the parties and the appropriate court order entered by the court appointing that person.

The referee or special master can:

  • make recommendations to the judge regarding the division of assets,
  • are frequently used when a court needs financial information in order to make a decision, and
  • be appointed by the court to manage pre-trial discovery when the parties and their attorneys are no longer able to engage in discovery in an orderly fashion.

A special referee or special master is different from a mediator; although there are cases when the referee or special master is asked to mediate a dispute.

Michele Sacks Lowenstein has 35 years experience as a divorce lawyer and has been appointed by the Superior Court to act as a Referee or Special Master. She is available for such appointments. Attorneys are encouraged to contact her jointly to discuss their matter to see if she would be a good fit for the lawyers and their parties to be appointed to their case as a Special Master or Referee.

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