Every divorce is different.

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Real Life.  Real Advice.  Real Time. Choose from our Divorce Mediation, Negotiated Settlement, Family Litigation Divorce (court and no court), Collaborative Divorce, Pre-nuptial Agreements and Post-nuptial Agreements, and Limited Scope family law services. We work to find the solution that best suits your needs, interests and the well-being of you and your family. You will find we focus on your actual concerns, listening and redirecting where necessary to set reasonable goals and objectives. This allows us to work on plans for the future beyond your divorce, not just getting you through the divorce. The plan is continuously scrutinized for effectiveness and adjusted to meet your present and long-term needs.

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litigation services
When the parties and their lawyers are unable to bring resolution to their issues for various reasons, the case must be managed by a judge. This is what is known as a “divorce litigation or family litigation”. Even when a divorce is litigated there may remain options for a settlement out of court. It is also true that the case may need to go to trial to be resolved. At Lowenstein Brown, we have family litigation cases dealing with:
  • child custody cases involving issues of abuse, as well as “move-away” cases
  • San Diego father’s rights issues
  • the valuation of real property and/or businesses
  • the valuation of businesses
  • spousal support and/or child support
  • contempt proceedings
  • domestic partner dissolution
  • tracing of separate property and the division of numerous assets including intellectual property
  • …and more.
In addition, we are experienced in divorce litigation cases where the trials lasted from several hours to those which have lasted for a number of weeks.

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collaborative services tree of hands

Collaborative Divorce is a divorce method in which clients resolve their settlement outside of court with a team of specialists around the negotiating table.

The essence of Collaborative Divorce is to provide a new way for a divorcing couple to work as a team with trained professionals to resolve disputes respectfully without going to court. The term encompasses all of the models that have been developed since Minnesota lawyer Stu Webb created the Collaborative Law model in the 1980s. This model is at the heart of all of Collaborative Divorce. Each client has the support, protection and guidance of his or her own lawyer as well as a mental health professional who is trained as a divorce coach. The clients, with their lawyers and other professionals as needed, comprise the Collaborative Law component of Collaborative Divorce.

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pre nup post nup image

People enter into pre-nuptial agreements to pre-plan the distribution of their estate upon death or divorce before marrying vs. allowing the law of the state they live in to govern the distributions in those situations. Whereas, post-nuptials are entered into after the parties have been married with a similar intention.

These types of family law agreements require advanced preparation (a minimum of 3 months) due to the very technical nature of how the law is used in writing the agreement in order to stand up if contested. In short, the more technically sound it is with “what if’s” and “but then’s” it becomes more enforceable.

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San Diego Divorce Mediation is a process for people seeking non-confrontational and private alternative resolution on issues like: child custody, father’s rights, post-judgement, an entire divorce, registered domestic partnership and domestic partner dissolution, pet custody, etc. Through a series of confidential appointments with your neutral family law mediator, you are guided to work cooperatively, listen to new ideas, and propose solutions all resulting in a more streamlined and efficient resolution of your issue.

The primary difference between family law mediation and a litigated style of resolving your family law issues is that mediation allows for creative solutions in your resolution, whereas the litigation outcome will be determined by a judge who has to follow the law.

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three red die representing negotiated settlement

A negotiated settlement means the parties reach agreements between themselves with the assistance of their attorneys. This is done in the privacy of a conference room and outside of a public courtroom. Once the agreements are reached they will be written up in proper legal form for the parties to sign and for filing with the court. Should the negotiations become stalled, it can be helpful to bring in a trained mediator to help the parties and their lawyers to reach agreements.

Female divorce attorney, Elizabeth Brown has served as the mediator to help break the “log jam” and has also utilized the assistance of a third party mediator if there is a breakdown in negotiations. Both of these methods of negotiated settlement are preferable to litigation where the parties give up their power to a judge who has limited time and will never know enough about a family’s situation or needs.

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Limited Scope Services are when our team supports you in a limited scope capacity in various family law matters. Through hourly work we can be here to answer questions and assist with portions of your family law matter. This can provide support to advise you on issues, appearing in court and other services. We can assist in resolving both out of court and in court matters. 

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"I brought a strange and convoluted case to LowensteinBrown involving multistate custody. I was stressed, tired and unsure what even could be done. The practice researched a multitude of options, including creative solutions that demonstrated a deep understanding of the law. The lawyers also know most of the judges and many other family law attorneys, which means the advice they give can be tailored for the specific situation in which clients find themselves. All of the personnel who work at LowensteinBrown are briefed on all of the cases so anyone can help you, and you get a legal team at the cost of a lawyer. I was impressed with how responsive and informed my lawyer and all the team were and am relieved they were able to finish everything in less than a year's time with no more court!"

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