“The team at Lowenstein Brown are highly professional and caring. I found Michele and Elizabeth (Liz) to be very knowledgeable and felt they had my best interest at hand every step of the way. Knowing that divorce and custody are difficult, they took the time to address my concerns, explain the laws, and give me legal advise for the best possible outcome. Most importantly in my opinion, they cared about me as a person and not just a case to settle. I highly recommend this firm!”

- ST

“Michele and Liz and all her staff worked so hard with a very complex divorce along with custody issues. The whole team works together in a way that goes beyond what I ever expected from a law firm. They took the “high road” which helped me make decisions which turned out to be in the very best interests of my daughter and me. The courts supported all they asked for which is very telling. Michelle and Liz and their attorneys provided an incredible amount of information, support and legal advice in a truly professional manner. Their communication and response time are outstanding and they continue to provide me with needed help when I ask. I would recommend Lowenstein Brown in a heartbeat.”

- Lynn S.

“Liz, thank you for all your hard work with my support calculations. I truly appreciate your help with this important issue. I feel very comfortable to ask questions from you knowing you have such a wonderful experience and work ethic.”

- Kirsi

“In the middle of a crisis, like a divorce where you need a lawyer, you need someone who can help you make sense of just about everything. Lowenstein Brown does just that! Michele and Liz are an incredible team, and they have a wonderful support staff! They focus on your goals and what you want (they like to point out “it is your life, and when we are gone you have to be happy with this”). They lay out the process and expectations very clearly. They work well with support counsel and outside specialists. You expect your lawyers to be good at the law – it was a wonderful experience to find two people who also have great compassion and sensitivity to what you are going through. They care and it shows in how they and their staff treat you from the first meeting to the last. I highly recommend Michele Lowenstein and Liz Brown.”

- Karen W.

“LowensteinBrown and Staff were so incredibly gracious, professional, knowledgeable, and very caring as they assisted me through the painful and unexpectant process of Divorce. I could not have made it through without their expert advice and patience through such an emotional time. The staff at LowensteinBrown promptly returned email and voicemails, and I felt very taken care from beginning to end. I would highly recommend this incredible law firm for their experience and overall care that took with me through the divorce process. Thank You so much Lowenstein-Brown.”

- Melanie J.

“I will never be able to thank you enough for the help and support! You are a true angel, sent to help my girls and me when we needed it the most.”

- Business Owner/Professional - Custody and Support Matter

“Thank you for your guidance and support during the most difficult time of our lives. Your efforts ensured that we have a guaranteed relationship with our grandchildren, and time to heal.”

- Grandparents Who Intervened in Family Law Action

“From my first meeting with Michele I felt that she had my best interest at heart. She is obviously a consummate professional with scrupulous attention to detail. She formulated a plan for us to move forward with and was honest with me as to what to expect. Through this whole process she earned my trust and respect. I wish I would have retained her originally. The whole office worked as a team. There are two more attorneys and plenty of staff at this office. When Michele was not available there was another attorney there to handle issues. Elizabeth Brown was very warm and personable. I was glad this group was on my side.”

- Debra

“Divorce can be a terrible stressful experience. It can be compounded by a lack of timely response. I did not feel the delays in this case had anything to do with this team. This group of professionals kept me on task with my requirements and filed the necessary documents with the court in an expedient manner. I always knew what was expected of me. It is important to find an attorney that you are comfortable with and that you trust to take care of you. They need to respond to you and others involved in your case in a timely manner. I am so thankful that I found Michele, Katina and the whole group at Lowenstein Brown.”

- Debra W., Healthcare Professional

“When I contacted LowensteinBrown, I was heartbroken about ending my marriage, and very anxious about the divorce process. Michele and her team helped me and my husband pull together a top-notch collaborative team that worked together exceptionally well. Divorce is inherently stressful, but under Michele’s leadership, I felt well prepared at every step. Best of all, the collaborative discussions broke the log jam between me and my husband. We actually started talking again, and ultimately decided not to divorce. Michele, Liz, and the LowensteinBrown staff were 100% supportive and professional at every step. I highly recommend the collaborative process and the LowensteinBrown team.”


“I brought a strange and convoluted case to LowensteinBrown involving multistate custody. I was stressed, tired and unsure what even could be done. The practice researched a multitude of options, including creative solutions that demonstrated a deep understanding of the law. The lawyers also know most of the judges and many other family law attorneys, which means the advice they give can be tailored for the specific situation in which clients find themselves. All of the personnel who work at LowensteinBrown are briefed on all of the cases so anyone can help you, and you get a legal team at the cost of a lawyer. I was impressed with how responsive and informed my lawyer and all the team were and am relieved they were able to finish everything in less than a year’s time with no more court!”